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Brand storyIVTINY brand core is a Ai Weitingini princess. Beautiful, intelligent and elegant. The daughter of Martyne II of the Western King in the early 13th century. IVTINY from the Italian Science Laboratory, 30-member team of experts, which lasted 15 years, South Korea's imports. Truly create each product, only to give.
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Brand storyTesson was founded by a group of aesthetic people who advocate the ultimate aesthetic beauty of science and technology and at the same time brings together the dedication and dreams of 70, 80, 90 generations of people. With "internet" thinking as the core, Tischen dedicates to using technology to make women Become a crafted artwork!
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Call activation, healing, releaseWatch your own thoughtsOld healing painLearn to live with your own negative emotionsExperiencing the freedom of mindRecover their true strengthEnjoy deeper, broader and wider pattern of life exploration
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