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Date: 2017-12-22
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Tumor ultra early screening and intervention

Major diseases are often incurable, prevention is an important part of cutting off the development of the disease. Take the tumor, the last two decades, almost no significant improvement in the rate of tumor cure, indicating that the effectiveness of clinical treatment of tumors there is still a huge limitation. If the subdivision data analysis will find that the earlier the higher the cure rate of the tumor. Take lung cancer as an example, the five-year survival rate of early lung cancer reaches 54%, and the five-year survival rate of advanced lung cancer is less than 4%. If the tumor can be detected early, then the tumor may be cured; if the "precancerous stage" found, even completely prevent the progress of malignant tumors.

Preventive medicine is undoubtedly the key to humanity's victory over major diseases, especially cancer.

1. China's cancer is surging and younger trend

"2013 annual report on cancer registration" shows: 6 people in our country every minute cancer, 3 people died of cancer, and look at the last 20 years of cancer incidence data, we can find several laws: First, the incidence of cancer was Secondly, the incidence of respiratory tract and gastrointestinal cancer is high, and the incidence of common cancer in developed countries such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and thyroid cancer continues to rise; thirdly, the five-year survival rate of cancer patients A slight decline, but not obvious. The high incidence of cancer and many factors, such as aging, pollution, lifestyle habits, but the key is to reduce the incidence of prevention.

2.Preventive medicine development status

The American Board of Medical Specialties explicitly lists preventive medicine as a branch of official medicine and ranks it as the first choice to maintain the health status of healthy people and prevent disease, disability and death.

A DNC survey shows that colon cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer are most likely to be prevented by changing dietary habits.

In our country, tumor prevention is getting more and more attention. Our country is known as "disease prevention is better than cure." The concept of "treating diseases without cure" is the ultimate measure and achievement of preventive medicine as medicine. The traditional means of health as the core of the lack of systematic and scientific guidance for prevention, prevention of medical development in our country, especially cancer prevention, yet to build a set of objective evidence of medical evidence system. Cancer ultra early comprehensive screening technology is to cope with this situation, through the screening of healthy people found "precancerous lesions" at high risk for these needy, conscious prevention of cancer populations to provide scientific and systematic means of prevention, So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the incidence of cancer.

3. Tumor ultra early comprehensive screening technology compared with traditional screening methods, what are the highlights?

1, minimally invasive detection, the technology for plasma testing, is a minimally invasive non-radioactive detection, safe and reliable and suitable for multiple tests.

2, ultra-early sexual. This technique detects a driver-driven mutation that drives cancer. Mutations can be driven before cancerous tissue is formed, so mutations are found in the plasma of healthy individuals, passing cancerous cells inside the body, possibly in precancerous lesions or earlier It may also be a cancer stage.

Tumor markers are the products of the formation of cancer tissue, generally used in the monitoring of advanced cancer;

Imaging is mainly on the examination of tissue lesions, so can not reach the early detection of cancerous ability.

3, specificity. This detection technique detects driver mutations, a hallmark of cancerous cells and therefore has a low false positive rate.

Tumor markers false positive rate is high, even positive, there are more than 30% non-cancer possibility.

Imaging generally have a better diagnostic results prominent blocks, but equally difficult to distinguish between benign and malignant.

4, dynamic monitoring. Blood ctDNA detection, normal cells do not secrete interfering factors, so that cancer detection and monitoring to achieve accurate and dynamic feedback on the body condition.

Imaging and tumor serum protein markers, etc. have a hysteresis effect, it is difficult to direct dynamic response to cancer in vivo.

5, easy to detect pollution-free. With convenient detection, closed-tube operation to avoid pollution and other advantages.

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Medical testing

Is a medical independent laboratory specializing in molecular diagnostics. Covers disease susceptibility assessment, early screening, individualization, recurrence monitoring of the entire process and other services.

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