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Date: 2017-12-22
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Dr. Noh Health Technology Experience Hall = British NBS "Predictive" system + C1 +3 treatment system + 5H health management system.

In particular, Dr. Noble Health & Science Experience Center focuses on health care throughout the entire journey and brings integrated and systematic health care to customers through personalized testing, diagnosis and comfort treatment / conditioning. To provide people with a better healthy life and help people manage their own health more effectively, to meet a healthier future.

“诺博士”健康科技体验馆——源于英国 受益全球

Dr. Noh Health Science and Technology Experience Museum - British NBS "Predictive" system

Fast: A single measurement takes only 180 to 300 seconds to quickly assess the functional status of human organs and physiology.

Noninvasive: test current safety, non-invasive testing process, without any side effects.

Comprehensive: More than 256 organs / 2000 multiple functional indicators for simultaneous detection; automatic generation of professional test reports and medical guidance.

Accurate: Accurate positioning of abnormal areas, qualitative and quantitative assessment of human functional status, the accuracy of the test results higher than 80%.

Early warning: in the absence of obvious symptoms, can be found in early functional biases and lesions, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system, prostate, gynecology and other common diseases have a good prognosis.

Tracking: Dynamic monitoring of the patient's health, tracking trends.

“诺博士”健康科技体验馆——源于英国 受益全球      “诺博士”健康科技体验馆——源于英国 受益全球“诺博士”健康科技体验馆——源于英国 受益全球

❤1 - NBS "bio-wave" generator

Bio-wave energy generated by the bio-wave generator, bio-wave generator, including bio-wave tube and bio-wave power supply two parts.

❤2 - NBS human magnetism detection system

“诺博士”健康科技体验馆——源于英国 受益全球

(1) Based on nuclear magnetic resonance, based on the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance, discover abnormal parts of the human body, evaluate the human body parts with health risks, and prevent and find health problems.

(2) Resonant bio-wave transmitters, the physical examiner just wear the transmitter, that can be based on the structure of the brain nerve trunnion electromagnetic vibration as the foundation, the body issued by the sound spectrum, spectrum and quantum fluctuations in frequency, accurate access to the resonance biology Changes in radio waves and store the body's functional messages.

(3) human body energy field, the human body is an energy field, the cell will produce the spectrum, including the naked eye can not see the spectrum and the ears can not hear the sound, "listen" to take every cell in the body and found the body's current disease and potential Disease "sound".

(4) red light energy, red light on the human body, soothing calm body, let the body into a relatively stable physiological state, so that the detection accuracy to achieve the best condition.

❤3 - NBS intelligent analysis of security early warning system

Detection of the human body's nine major systems (nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, immune system, endocrine system, reproductive system), 256 organs, more than 2,000 indicators, , Ultra-accurate monitoring, monitoring more comprehensive, safe, convenient, harmless, intuitive and easy to understand images.

Test results 1-6 marks the definition

(1) cells in a state of low energy consumption, activity is very good

(2) cells in good condition, good function, good health

(3) cell characteristics consistent with age, cell energy in a state of equilibrium

(4) body function decline, into the sub-health state

(5) functional disorders, in a serious sub-health state

(6) obvious damage to function, dysfunction, easy to get sick

"Dr. Noe" Health Science and Technology Experience Museum - C1 +3 treatment system (C-Cell-cell-1 core, the three major therapies)

1 big core

❤ CT ion cytometry

CT iontophoresis treatment system is the use of the role of capacitive field, the conductivity of the electrolyte components can form conductive current, resulting in ohmic depletion of heat, but also in the medium component to form a displacement current conduction, resulting in dielectric loss heat, in the treatment Body temperature up to about 43 ° C, diseased tissue in the expansion of the blood vessels after heating, blood flow accelerated, the organization of oxygen and nutrients to strengthen, excretion of metabolic waste faster, enhanced immunity, phagocytic cell activity, so that the cause and Metabolic toxins can be eliminated, eventually eliminating the inflammation, to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Can act on the corresponding parts, so that medium and low frequency current electrons to move repeatedly, and the speed of electronic movement and the intensity of drugs, acupuncture unmatched, it can achieve Shuqihuoxue, balance yin and yang, adjust function, cure illnesses and discomfort , Physical fitness purposes.

3 big therapy

❤ purification

From "pro-inflammatory tissue" to "anti-inflammatory tissue." Elimination of internal inflammation due to low immunity, trauma, disease and pain, swelling and discomfort of body parts and organs.

❤ Balance

Excretion of toxins accumulated in the body, metabolic waste, reconstruction of cell growth environment.

❤ activated

Regulation enhances immunity, activates multi-organ function of human body, promotes the growth of human newborn cells, reshapes the healthy body and slows the decline of body organ function.

"Dr. Noah" Health Science and Technology Experience Hall - 5H Health Management System (5 principles)

1, "protect the patient" principle.

Fully mobilize and protect the body's complex and comprehensive three major balance adjustment functions: neuroendocrine regulation function, exclusive detoxification immune function, repair, regenerative compensation function, refuse to use large toxic or side effects of unknown drugs, surgery, etc. Trauma therapy.

2, "natural integration" principle

The world-class, natural and effective, non-Western medicine non-invasive functional medicine, natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine, sports medicine and other theories and methods organically integrated through a team of experts designed a standardized process for everyone Provide personalized health services programs to enhance the overall treatment effect.

3, "internal and external drive" principle

The introduction of cell activity and energy detection, anti-inflammatory detoxification, cell renewal and blood conditioning and other comprehensive scientific health management tools to comprehensively improve cell viability and repair of various physiological functions, improve the quality of life from the source.

4, "overall improvement" principle

Familiar with psychotherapy, master language arts, learn diet, physical therapy.

5, "6 heart" principle

❤ love - treatment of patients                 ❤ patience --- to answer questions

❤ Careful --- treatment operation          ❤ Sincere --- serving patients

❤ focus on --- work attitude                   ❤ care --- visit the patient

"Dr. Noah" Health Science and Technology Experience Museum - Functional Division

❤ chest conditioning treatment / care / maintenance


Dredge the breast and the chest meridians to stimulate the chest, uterus, ovary reflex zones, blood detoxification, blood stasis Sanjie, the inflammation of the water molecules rotate and violent oscillations and heat, small blood vessels, especially deep capillaries in a short time to reach Persistent expansion, faster blood flow, increased vascular permeability, improve local blood circulation, is conducive to the elimination of metabolites and other pain-causing substances.


Daily maintenance of women's chest, chest pain and improve the premenstrual pain, breast hyperplasia, breast nodules, milk pain significantly effective, can be done every day care.

❤ secret intensive conditioning


High-tech electromagnetic effects can change the organization's physical and chemical processes, leukocyte phagocytosis, local tissue vasodilatation, increased tissue cell permeability, local tissue temperature, blood circulation and promote metabolism to exclude the human body.

Efficacy - women - treatment / conditioning / warm palace

● For a variety of gynecological diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, cervicitis, vaginitis, vulvitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, ovarian cysts particularly significant effect.

● Promote uterine and ovarian detoxification, regulate endocrine imbalance and improve menstruation.

● nourish the ovary, warm the uterus, activate cells, from the inside out to improve the skin and color.

Efficacy - men - treatment / kidney / solid fine]

● The treatment of subacute chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, sexual dysfunction, cystitis, reproductive infections and other diseases, the effect is significant, the exact effect.

● enhance the body's detoxification capacity, activate the conversion capacity of kidney gas, promote body filling, body energetic, quality of life improved.

❤ local intensive deep conditioning

For parts: neck, waist, legs, stomach and intestine


High-tech Electromagnetic deep blood circulation, Shu meridian, related conditions can be effectively treated and alleviated.


After conditioning, so that you have a soft, stretch, relaxed body.

❤ NBS detection unit

【For the crowd】

● Surface health problems have been revealed

● There are hidden health problems in the human body

● People who want to know more about their health status

【Check item】

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system risk factors

Respiratory system risk factors

Digestive system risk factors

Immune system risk factors

Degenerative changes in risk factors

Genitourinary system and kidney risk factors

Skeletal System Risk Factors

Circulatory system risk factors

Endocrine system risk factors

Nervous system risk factors

Oxidative stress risk factors

Allergic risk factors

Infection risk factors

Skin System Risk Factors

ENT risk factors

Overall risk factors

Adapt to the crowd:

Dr. Noh Health Technology Experience Hall = British NBS "Predictive" system + C1 +3 treatment system + 5H health management system.

In particular, Dr. Noble Health & Science Experience Center focuses on health care throughout the entire journey and brings integrated and systematic health care to customers through personalized testing, diagnosis and comfort treatment / conditioning. To provide people with a better healthy life and help people manage their own health more effectively, to meet a healthier future.

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Artificial Intelligence Medical
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