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Date: 2017-07-06
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Overseas medical advantage

1, the world's leading medical technology

At present, the medical technologies in developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan are at the leading level in the world. The treatment effect on some major diseases, especially cancer, nervous system diseases, heart diseases, children's tumors, surgery, bone and joint diseases, etc. is far Far more than other countries.

2, multidisciplinary collaboration MDT consultation

The most advanced model of cancer treatment is multidisciplinary collaboration. Every cancer patient needs to work together through multi-disciplinary experts to complete the diagnosis of patients and treatment programs to ensure that each patient can get the most accurate and most suitable for their individualized treatment program, which is developed in five years of cancer An important reason for high survival rate.

3, personalized treatment programs

Doctors will never advise patients to do tests or treatments that may not be necessary and will not advise patients to take medications that they think are not effective. Doctors will be based on each person's body, disease conditions, the development of the most suitable for the patient's personalized treatment program.

4, super practice awareness

Patiently discussing the pros and cons of various treatment options and patiently lifting the patient's concerns about the prognosis and patiently respecting the patient's privacy.

5, beautiful medical environment, high level of service

Developed countries have achieved the comfort and humanity of medical services. The importance of the medical service concept equates the importance of medical experience and comfort to the patient's experience with medical technology and equipment. While experiencing overseas high-end medical treatment, it is better to enjoy the local ethnic customs and tourist attractions

Open special medical brigade


1, Taiwan

For a long time, Taiwan is famous for its superb medical technology, advanced medical equipment and friendly medical services. Taiwan craniofacial reconstruction and other major surgical success rate world-renowned, heart exchange surgery in Asia, changing the survival rate of the world's first liver. Twelve of Taiwan's medical institutions have been evaluated by the JCI International Hospital, which is recognized as the most trusted medical institution in the world. In 2002, WHO rated Taiwan's medical service as the number one in Asia.

Tourist attractions: Sun Moon Lake, Taipei 101, Taipei National Palace Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ximending, Alishan, Kenting, Cingjing Farm, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Hot Springs Museum, Yangmingshan Flower Clock, Lukang Township, .


2, Hong Kong

According to data released by the Hong Kong Department of Health recently, the life expectancy of women and men in Hong Kong increased to 86.7 and 81.1 years respectively. The average life expectancy of both men and women surpassed Japan, ranking first in the world. Hong Kong is at the forefront of the world in terms of doctor's technology, medical equipment and drug application.

Infant mortality is also an important measure of the quality of health care or not. The death rate for infants (under five years of age) in Hong Kong is one in two, which is the lowest in the world. Infants die at a rate of 3%, which is close to Singapore, which has the lowest rate of death.

In Hong Kong, the survival rate of breast cancer patients is 89.8%, the second in the world. The cure rate for gastric cancer is the highest in the world, 13% higher than in western countries. The rate of lung cancer is the world's first, higher than the United States 6%. Meanwhile, Hong Kong's lung transplant medical technology is superior to the United States and Canada with one-year and five-year survival rates as high as 100% and 78% respectively. This is more than 20 percentage points higher than Singapore, which is struggling to become a transplant medical center.

Tourist attractions: Avenue of Stars, Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Disneyland, Golden Bauhinia Square, Harbor City, Wong Tai Sin, Repulse Bay, Causeway Bay, Madame Tussauds and so on.

海外医疗3, Japan

Japan is a world leader in clinical medicine, particularly in the fields of rehabilitation medicine, oncology medicine and regenerative medicine. Currently, over 12,000 cases of heavy particle cancer treatment in the world account for over 9,000 cases of Japanese Radiological Medical Research Institute. Japan's telemedicine, medical robots and medical imaging technologies are currently leading the world due to their traditional advantages in optics, electronics, information and robotics.

Tourist attractions: Tokyo Skytree, Mt. Fuji, Osaka Park, Shinsaibashi, Heian Jingu, Honganji Temple.


4, Singapore

Singapore's healthcare infrastructure ranks first in Asia and sixth in the World Health Organization. One in three of the Asian hospitals that have passed the JCI accreditation are Singapore Hospitals. Singapore has the world's top medical facilities and doctors trained at the world's leading medical centers. Singapore's medical costs relative to Europe, the United States is relatively inexpensive. However, the medical environment and the results are as good as the European and American countries.

Tourist attractions: Clarke Quay, Sentosa Island, Orchard Road, Singapore Zoo, Little India, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Gardens.


5, the United States

The United States has the most sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; gathered the world's best medical professionals. It is much more advanced in cancer screening than other developed countries and is also ahead of the world in the treatment of major diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Tourist Attractions: Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty, Waterton Glacier, Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, Crystal Cathedral, Los Angeles.


6, South Korea

South Korea has the world's best medical technology in the fields of cancer, heart, blood vessel, spine and transplantation. Not only that, but also in the field of plastic surgery, beauty, dentistry plays a leading role, the Korean dentists in the field of dental beauty has a very strong competitive edge, has reached the world's top level.

Tourist Attractions: Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Halla Mountain, Seongsan Ilbong, Ushimado, Columnar Joint Belt, Gangwon-do, etc.


7, Switzerland

Swiss Medical is "The Economist" rated as the most efficient medical system in the western world, with the longest life expectancy and the best medical outcomes. Switzerland's health examination, diagnosis and treatment of a comprehensive high level of diagnosis, many rich countries in Europe and the United States developed countries go to Switzerland every year to receive a medical examination. Many well-known pharmaceutical companies from Switzerland, such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, patients in Switzerland can give priority to the most advanced medical achievements. In addition, relative to the United States, Swiss medical privacy is high, the patient's privacy can be well protected.

Tourist Attractions: Zermatt, Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Jungfrau, Matterhorn, Titlis Snow Mountain, Los Garbert Spa, Mount Pilatus Sling Park, Neuchâtel etc. .


8, Germany

Germany is the originator of western medicine, and Germans are famous for rigorous scholarship. Germany's medical technology ranks the highest in the world. In the heart, blood circulation, diabetes, cancer and other diseases of the source of research, prevention, gene therapy and other aspects of the leading international level.

Tourist Attractions: Potsdamer Platz, Luebeck, Museum Island, Rhine, Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmenmarkt, Hamburg City Hall, Berlin TV Tower, Raimsburg Mine etc.

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Overseas medical treatment

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