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Date: 2017-07-06
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Brand Culture

Star from the teeth

Our vision:

Become the world's oral aesthetic health management benchmarking brand

Our mission:

We are committed to improving human oral health management

Improve the quality of life of the public, and constantly explore new ways

our perspective:

Respect, professional, happy, service

Business Scope:

Digital navigation planting, all-ceramic beauty restoration, chairside CAD / CAM, DAMON self-ligating brackets correction, micro-root canal treatment and other projects, the integration of the service concept originated in Europe, to provide customers with "tailored" private space Stomatological services.

Digital navigation dental implant

●精准 ●快速 安全 不受罪 ●远期成功率高


The past dental implant surgery generally 3-6 months,

Mainly after tooth extraction, to wait for the restoration of wounds can be planted,

And, planting surgery need to flap, punch, suture, stitches and other steps, and before and after to do two operations.

Therefore, dental experts from all over the world are working hard on how to implant teeth faster and better.


So there is a "digital navigation planting" technology.

As a result of the patient's fresh tooth extraction immediately implant implants,

Without waiting until April-June trauma repair before planting,

So this method can shorten the course of treatment, reduce costs and prevent alveolar bone absorption.


However, just planted on the implant can not be used to bite something,

Because of traditional dental theory requirements, implants should be at zero load,

Not easy to shake in order to well bone union.

Just like planting a new tree, it is hard to take root and shake without stopping and weight.

Especially half mouth, full mouth edentulous,

Mouth full of implants will also bring great inconvenience.

Therefore, in order to realize the technical revolution of "pulling out, namely cultivating and using,

The day of the teeth, the day can eat things effect, "digital navigation planting" was born.


At the end of the last century, Europe and the United States experts and scholars,

Already put forward the "immediate load" theory,

They are in the test of osteoblast response to varying degrees of mechanical stress experiments found that,

Phosphatase on the cell membrane is activated when strain exceeds 3000 microstrain.

Which can stimulate the division of osteoblasts and collagen secretion, promote the formation of new bone;

When the strain value exceeds 10000 microstrain,

It will lead to osteoblasts into fibroblasts, affecting the formation of bone.

This shows that the external load is not completely harmful to the growth of bone tissue, the appropriate load can promote osteogenesis process.


If you can control the implant bite strength is appropriate,

And constant stability is this value.

Just planted on the implant can eat,

And also conducive to implant good rooting sprout.


Therefore, "digital navigation planting" technology, using digital oral panoramic scan,

Preoperative personal alveolar bone density, height, width and other precision data,

By calculating the simulation of the entire oral mechanics and tissue structure, avoiding dense tooth nerves,

During the operation, the physician implants the implant along the implant guide into the bone,

Make sure implant orientation, angle, position and depth are exactly the same as before.

To achieve the day teeth, the day will be able to eat the normal effect.

step one

Precise 3D preoperative diagnosis

With CEREC scan for oral information,

With Sirona CT scan for bone tissue information,

The CEREC virtual repair program was imported into the Sirona CT data to simulate implant implantation.

The computer measures the site and extent of implants implanted in the bone island area to determine the best implant placement.


● jaw width, distance from the jaw nerve measurement: determine the diameter and length of the implant


● three-dimensional space measurement: Check the implant into the actual location is reasonable


● longitudinal section of the tooth bone density measurement: to determine whether the bone can withstand implants


Step two

Planting software design

Based on the repair data and CT scan results,

Using Sirona CT software,

Develop planting plan,

Prepare for treatment.

● To ensure beautiful appearance, no infection

● Make sure not to hurt the adjacent teeth, the effect is good

● to ensure good stability, no pain



Step three

Design and produce planting guides for planting by a doctor

Planting guide by the catheter and positioning plate composition,

The position and angle of the catheter records the position, angle and depth of the preoperative implant,

Through the catheter to transfer this information to the surgery,

So that the implant is implanted in the exact position.


Implantation of artificial tooth root position, angle, depth, the success rate of implant teeth have a great impact.

In the traditional implant, there is no effective auxiliary equipment,

Relying solely on the doctor's experience to determine the artificial tooth root position,

Implantation of teeth in the "blind" fashion increases the risk of surgery.


Computer guide planting through the cooperation with the three-dimensional reconstruction software,

Detailed measurement of the patient's gums bone density, alveolar bone height, width and other conditions,

Design the best mechanical implant point and avoid important nerves and blood vessels during surgery,

Greatly enhance the safety of surgery.


Through the guide plate design can even do not flap, not sutured minimally invasive surgery,

Greatly reduce the patient's pain, improve implant repair effect.


So, just plan to design planting guide plate in CEREC software,

Then the designed restoration program transferred to the grinding equipment for grinding,

Grinding and polishing finished after cutting,

Last clinical trial in the mouth, the completion of dental planting by a doctor.

星光口腔   星光口腔   星光口腔   星光口腔

All-ceramic beauty restoration


All-ceramic teeth making the core trilogy

● Optical phase instead of traditional impression, accurate and intelligent

Traditional impressions need to go through a number of steps such as gingiva printing, filling mold, mold release after gypsum final setting,

It takes about 1 to 2 hours,

Some people will also be accompanied by nausea or discomfort.

Porcelain Rui carved by high-precision optical phase access to accurate tooth shape,

Omitted the production of traditional stamping and temporary crown,

Not only solved the distress of patients discomfort,

Also avoid manual errors.


● computer design, CNC grinding, the entire visual

Rui porcelain breakthrough lies in the entire restoration process can be visualized,

Patients can predict the effect of repair in advance.

After taking the mouth phase,

The doctor will get the oral three-dimensional image information by 3D design software directly on the computer design restoration,

Patients can see and participate in the doctor's tooth shape design of the digital model.

After the completion of the preparation of the tooth, which is directly taken by the 3D camera and then directly into the computer to the automatic ceramic grinding machine,

Through the chair next to the computer processing system to complete the grinding prosthesis,

The patient experienced a large transformation of the perfect dental restoration after a few minutes of grinding of the porcelain.


● special porcelain, health and beauty co-exist

Porcelain Rui engraved all-ceramic materials used in the repair has good biocompatibility,

Avoid gum health problems caused by metal corrosion and incompatibility;

The restoration itself has permeability, beautiful and natural,

With natural tooth morphology and color comparable.

Wide range of applications, treatment and repair double benefit

Orthodontic solution


● clinical examination ● begin to correct ● smile

Star oral cavity in the professional orthodontics theory, based on the integration of 3D printing technology, computer 3D design technology. Not only has the effect of traditional orthodontics, but also has the advantages of comfort, beauty, hygiene, predictability, visibility and other traditional orthodontics unparalleled, but also by most patients in modern society accepted.


Custom-made invisible orthodontic appliances are transparent and unobtrusive to others when worn, just like the "contact lenses" of a tooth, without affecting your normal work and life.


The customized invisible orthodontic appliance is a combination of CAD / CAM and orthodontic technology that precisely controls the movements of the teeth and effectively completes orthodontics.


Custom invisible orthodontic appliances without arch wire, brackets and other foreign bodies, does not cause trauma to the oral cavity, the basic foreign body sensation.


Custom invisible orthodontic appliance can be freely pick and wear, does not affect the eating, but does not affect the oral hygiene.

● Correction process:


The first step of high-precision 3D digital scanning simulation

With CEREC Omnicam true color camera scanning,

Scanning accuracy of up to 1 micron, scanning million pixels to reach million.

Then through a dedicated three-dimensional modeling software,

Transform the scanned data into a 3D digital model.


The second step dedicated software design digital simulation orthodontics

Digital orthodontic software with the upper and lower jaw design together,

Observe the occlusal relationship changes, a single tooth movement and rotation in different directions,

Dental arch curvature settings and other functions. With the help of specialized software,

Doctors can move and rotate any tooth in multiple dimensions,

To precisely control the displacement of teeth,

Assist us to achieve the most optimal correction path.


The third step digital model 3D printing appliance production shaping

To digitize the tooth movement model is one of the core technologies of stealth correction.

With the help of a professional 3D printer,

Accurately completed this previously unimaginable conversion.

Through this process, the digital model is transformed into a solid model with an accuracy of up to 16 microns.

Under the precise control of all aspects,

Finally suppressed a series of customized invisible orthodontic appliance made well,

Can be a perfect embodiment of every step of the tiny tooth displacement.

Adapt to the crowd:

    Stomatology, one of the medical disciplines. Major stomatological diseases include: oral and maxillofacial dermis, epidermal submandibular space infection, maxillofacial lymphangioma, odontoid deformity, maxillary sinus cancer, ameloblastoma of the jaw, chronic ethmoid sinusitis, Mandibular retraction, tetracycline teeth, tongue white spots and other diseases. The current technology, many periodontal disease can be completely cured. Organizational development of bioengineering technology such as: guided tissue regeneration technology, gene technology, implant dentures and more is the regeneration of diseased teeth to bring exciting hope. However, the treatment of periodontal disease must be a sequential treatment. The development of a detailed and effective treatment plan during the course of treatment, the meticulous care of the doctors and the active cooperation of the patients are the keys to successful treatment.

Project Flow:
Technical advantages:
Before and after transformation:
Star mouth
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