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Date: 2017-07-06
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Brand Culture

Private medical management center Private medical management center has set up by more than 100 well-known medical experts at home and abroad advisory group and with the German cell Immun center, the United States Temple University foxchase cancer treatment centers and other top global hospitals to establish a green channel, forming a Chinese and Western Integration, a strong complementary pattern for domestic customers to provide first-class private medical services.


Operation Model

According to the principle of being suitable for the individual, we should formulate individualized preventive or treatment programs and provide various treatment measures such as general practice, Chinese medicine conditioning, nutrition and diet plan, exercise plan, life style, medical treatment, psychological counseling and physical therapy, Provide quality and exclusive health management services. ?

Service mode

The introduction of "health management multi-cycle" service model, by the health consultants and team of experts to provide customers with one-on-one dynamic, continuous health management services. ?

Service Content

Family health management

To provide you with one-stop health consultancy service based on the medical history and daily life habits of both you and your family. It is advisable to provide health consultation, individualized medical examination, reasonable intervention program and high quality service system. Regularly communicate, analyze and advise on lifestyles, eating habits and medications for you and your family to provide efficient, timely and convenient medical treatment.


Family expert group members:

General practitioners, pediatricians, gynecologists, Chinese medicine practitioners, psychologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses, and sports coaches. ?

Women's health management

The role of society in giving women more and more, women play an irreplaceable role in society and family. Work pressure, life pressure, environmental pollution and other factors lead to breast cancer, cervical cancer and other tumor diseases appear increasingly serious younger age and high incidence. After the age of 30, health and aging problems ensue. After the age of 40, some women premature menopause symptoms, these need to use scientific methods to solve. A woman's life will be due to the different characteristics of each stage, and choose a targeted health management program, so as to predict in advance and effective prevention and treatment of cancer and common diseases, eliminate the health risks of women, science, anti-aging and enhance women's charm.


Female expert group members:

General practitioners, obstetrics and gynecologists, Chinese medicine practitioners, psychologists, dermatologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses, beauticians, sports coaches.

Middle age health management in middle age

Are you scared of the occasional physical discomfort when you work hard? Mental stress, frequent seizures of negative emotions, the psychological need to ease? Middle-aged people are generally under greater pressure and shoulder the dual responsibilities of society and family. Health problems can not be ignored.


Middle-aged expert group members:

General practitioners, gynecologists and specialists, Chinese medicine practitioners, psychologists, dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and sports coaches.

Adapt to the crowd:

Private Senior Medical Consultant 

The program consists of traditional diagnostic medicine and preventive medicine in two parts. The objective is to provide personalized, orderly and time-efficient health management services to the high-net-worth individuals, such as busy CEOs and executives, so that they no longer have to worry about the busy work of overdrafts that can be more efficient and secure work. Whether you are a family of three, having children or three generations, a senior personal medical advisor can deliver the personalized, world-class medical services to your home and protect the health of your entire family.

Project Flow:
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Before and after transformation:
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