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Sanya Valley of life

Date: 2017-12-26
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International medical resort paradise at 18 ° north latitude. Four Seasons climate pleasant, air quality and natural hot spring mineral content with human vitality recovery, anti-aging look the perfect match. Nearly 10,000 square meters of medical convalescent centers each year receive only a limited number of medical holiday guests in the world, with the most advanced international medical technology, very comfortable and spacious space, meticulous treatment and services for the selection of the guests to provide the highest standards Service

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Sanya Valley of life
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Release time: 2014 - 07 - 01
About usStay in healing, caring and tranquil wellness retreats and enjoy the abundance and holiness of life. Whether it is detoxification, nutrition, healthy food, or Western-style chiropractic, body and soul all-round spa, Chinese medicine and modern science and technology combined with the diagnosis and treatment methods, well-organized daily lifestyle courses ... ... so that guests get an unprecedented health experience at the same time , Will be more healthy, happy, and to achieve the best balance between body and mind, body and body.
Release time: 2014 - 07 - 01
About us Guests can choose the theme of vacation according to the categories of "medical grade face management, skin beautification and skin care, skin beautification, slimming and shaping, star face and facial decoction, and hormone anti-decay" to enjoy the leisure time and make the interior and exterior beautiful.
Release time: 2017 - 07 - 05
About usSimple design style, cozy forest courtyard, and the natural environment integration, wind, rain, birds, flowers come together, well-organized psychological courses, psychological talks, and psychological gatherings and other activities, 旮 旯, for each guest to provide the most comfortable spiritual experience.
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