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Imported | British mask must buy brand rankings NO.1 turned out to be ...

Date: 2017-07-18
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Speaking of Britain, "Queen, castle, royal family ... ..." can not help but come to mind, it seems that for the country's cosmetics, consumers talk about not much. But when you search for words such as: "The list of top cosmetics in the UK, the best facial masks I've ever used, the most popular UK make-up, and 10 UK masks to buy" and so on, there must be one The brand appears, that is Montagne Jeunesse.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

Has more than 200 single product, marketing 87 countries around the world

Speaking Montagne jeunesse (hereinafter referred to as MJ), there may be many people are not familiar with. This is a skin care brand from the United Kingdom, was established in 1988. MJ International Limited focused on the production of film products for 25 years, has been known as a global mask experts, access to many authoritative organizations certification and awards. Such as the "Golden Mask of the British Royal cosmetic Best Mask Products", the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Safety Cosmetics Alliance members, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the UK's number one sales magazine "PRIMA Beauty Products Most Valuable" and so on .

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

Marketing Director, Montagne Jeunesse International, UK

Paul Alexander Lane

   Over the past 25 years, MJ has been focusing on the research, development and manufacture of a wide variety of facial masks, with more than 200 items covering the mask, foot mask, hand mask and hair mask. At the same time, for different seasons, different skin types, different ages, different preferences to design, MJ has mud, cream, matte, heat, peel and patch mask six kinds of mask. Among them, his family's Dead Sea mud mask as a star burst products, with deep cleansing, dilute the smallpox in India, quickly replenishment, clear and bright white effect, as many consumers go to the United Kingdom will bring mask list NO.1.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是


In the United Kingdom, MJ occupies 61% of the UK mask market share of sales, in the United States, she was named "the most consumer-friendly brand." There are more than 87 countries and regions around the world are selling MJ mask, including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and other fashion capital, setting an average of each selling 2 pieces per second sales success.

Easy consumer era, MJ why behind the "muddy pie"

2012 is the mask year of eruption, until now, five years have passed. Although many mask brands shuffled, the market share of mask category as a whole is increasing, and the growth rate is superior to many other categories.

Once, an insider has done such a calculation: China can really mask the population of 400 million, mainly 18 to 50-year-old female consumers. If these people average only one mask per person per week, then one year will be able to consume more than 20 billion tablets. According to the average retail price of 10 yuan per piece of mask, the consumption of nearly 200 billion yuan a year is not a problem mask. If you can cultivate consumers 1 week with 2 or 2 days with a mask habit, the market capacity is even more alarming.

Indeed, the "consumer as the core" of the retail trend, the mask is still hot category. Look at the moment the mask market, patch-type mask is the mainstream, it's easy to consume the beauty industry has become a consumer goods. In this market environment, why MJ can stick to the main smear-type mud?

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

 First, the confidence stems from the quality of the product. Because MJ mask only extracts natural ingredients from plants and minerals, pregnant women, lactating women can rest assured that use. High-tech biological enzyme preservative system to maintain the stability of microorganisms. Simply put, is not artificial preservatives, the mask is best to run out after opening, so MJ mask is a single package, not only easy to use but also suitable for travel and travel.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

At the same time, all the MJ mask products are certified by the Vegetarian Association, and the factory also advocates a green and pollution-free production strategy.

Furthermore, the market demand for clean mask. To a certain extent, mud masks have a better cleaning effect than facial masks and have much better absorption than facial masks. Therefore, there are still many consumers willing to spend more time using mud masks. The MJ owns a variety of mud masks, such as the Dead Sea mud, chocolate, flower fruit fragrance ... ... under the men's series is to further strengthen the sense of men's skin care, fit the current potential of the men's care market this point .

Visible, whether it is product or brand strength, MJ are enough to stand mask market, with their own a sincere heart, to bring consumers effective and assured mask category.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是


Shanghai CBE exhibitors, three years, talk about investment

10 years ago, Hangzhou Ying Fu Technology Co., Ltd. MJ this brand into the local cosmetics market, opened the MJ brand of China's trip. In 2012, the MJ brand debuted at the China Beauty Expo. Since then, he has not missed the first China Beauty Expo. According to "Cosmetics Information" learned that MJ Shanghai CBE at the time of the show is not to attract investment, they do not do any advertising booths, sales promotion, but year after year to allow visitors to see the brand , Communicate with them, understand the Chinese market, understand the needs of consumers, know the mask brand's environment ......

It is through this way, MJ mask brand began to slowly penetrate into the industry, until the third year of exhibitors, MJ began to trade in Shanghai CBE platform for trade.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是

Hangzhou Eve Technology Co., Ltd. on the layout of the channel expansion, the current MJ brand in the Chinese market has a complete online and offline sales channels, including offline supermarkets, shopping centers based KA channels, cosmetics franchise stores CS channels, covering the domestic first and second tier cities. As for the online layout, MJ will achieve full network coverage this year, including some large electricity suppliers and cross-border platforms.

Perhaps it is this adherence to the brand and heritage, MJ can be deeply Chinese consumers trust and love in the mud market with its unique charm, captured the hearts of our piece of soft, opened up in the Chinese market New blue ocean.

进口品 | 英国面膜必买品牌排行榜NO.1的竟然是


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