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Tai ji chain

Date: 2018-01-18
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Tai Chi chain

Set philosophy, science and art combined (rehabilitation of the spine, sports injuries, organs conditioning, shape correction).

· Spine anatomy, biomechanics, X-ray based, and a set of norms, scientific correction.

Start with the overall balance of the human body to understand the mysteries inside the human body in order to achieve the goal of restoring human health.

• Focus on the overall study of the human body, emphasizing the interrelationships of various organs and tissues within the human body, and seeking a way to maintain and restore the balance of physical physiology and physiology.


  Adapt to illness

Can treat scoliosis, spine dislocation, cervical spondylosis and other spinal diseases, more importantly, through the spine adjustment, you can treat gastrointestinal diseases, headaches, insomnia, arrhythmia and other spine-related diseases. Remove numbness caused by nerve compression and numbness, dizziness, headache and other illnesses.

Adapt to the crowd:

 Human body controller - spine 

Spine health has a major impact on human neurological thinking and mood regulation;

Spine movement, the five internal organs and six internal organs will follow, the main body of the spine stretching, so adjustable blood, relieve fatigue, there will be good health effects.

· The organs of the shu are around the spine, according to Chinese qi and blood theory, meridian acupuncture points for personal treatment, can clear the blood of organs, to achieve the purpose of disease outside the disease, the effect is very good.

· Clinical diagnosis and treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar diseases, half of patients with autonomic disorders and corresponding visceral disease, when the spinal disease cured, these corresponding organ diseases also will be cured.

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Tai ji chain
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