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1953 BADILA was born in London, England.

1997 Cathay Pacific company founded in Shanghai, China.


After 20 years of development, today's Butiran International Group has become a group company integrating production, R & D, education, sales and service. It owns many high-end brands and chains such as skin care and women's privacy.


To "bring health, beauty and happiness to every woman" concept. Bao Di Lan completed from a single cross-cutting to health, beauty, happiness career strategic layout. In 2012, Jinshan established a 10,000-square-meter R & D and production base in Shanghai and a 6000-square-meter pharmaceutical factory integrating R & D and production in Cangshu, Jiangxi Province. With strong R & D and technical force, it won unanimous approval from all walks of life.


Bao Di Milancy Group to build human resources management and control system, with professional technical team, efficient planning team, excellent business team, experienced training team and excellent customer service team, extensive education and training, to stimulate staff enthusiasm and enhance staff professional Quality, leaps and bounds for the development of enterprises to provide a solid talent support.


Bao Di Lan founded the "Happy Ribbon" fund in 2011 and has been devoting himself to charity and public welfare activities for many years, giving positive feedback to the community. As an innovative company, Bottiran constantly plows and perfects to ensure that our customers are provided with better products and services. In the future, we will continue our efforts to create a fresh world with innovation, sunshine and transcendence, and to create a brand new lifestyle.

Corporate philosophy

Innovation and innovation have a future

Credibility of the largest credit limit

Dreams are great because of their dreams

Insist that there is a success called insisted


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