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Success is not only how much you have,

More importantly, how much of your achievements have you made,

How many people to re-bloom smile, to give the best vision of how many people live

BADILA  has been adhering to the "feel love, love, spread love," the concept of public welfare, dedicated to charity.

In 2011, we launched the "Happy Ribbon" China tour with China Women's Development Foundation

In 2014, the "Happy Ribbon" Foundation was established to promote the implementation of the "Female Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer Relief Program"

"2016 Hunan Yongzhou poor student student action"

"2017 Yunnan Wenshan hope Parkinson primary school student action"

Happy ribbon

Happy ribbon, a statement about the cervix, about love, about the temperature of life.

She telling women the characteristics of softly: Yun in the edge, Wen Wanzhong enthusiasm, although the light is warm and imaginative, with self-confidence generous, elegant calm, noble heart gesture stand half the sky.

And one alarming fact shook us: On average, one case of a new case of cervical cancer was detected every minute on average. One woman died of cervical cancer every two minutes. In China, it is the second most common cancer in women aged 15 to 44. Each year there are 130,000 new cases of fatality rate as high as 61.5%.

It not only hangs a sinister sword for life, but also brings disastrous blow to women's life and mentality.

For each woman, the early detection of cervical problems, early prevention, early intervention, early diagnosis and early treatment, is the first barrier to cervical disease, but also a powerful weapon to reduce the lethality of cervical cancer.

Seven years ago, the ribbon of happiness came into being. Its graceful warm gentleman posture all the way from all over the country.

She advocates the concept of "early prevention, early detection and early treatment";

She, in order to allow more people to understand the knowledge of cervical cancer control;

She, let more people participate in the "cervical three ladder screening";

She hopes more institutions and people will give her love, help and create the conditions for vigorous "three free" activities of cervical health: free health science popularization, free cervical screening, free medical consultation;

She wants to convey all about love, about beauty, about health, about women ...

Concerned about cervical health, is concerned about the fate of mankind and the future;

Concerned about the health of the cervix, so that more women from the huge hit of mind and body, leaving more families have an obscene smile;

Concerned about the health of the cervix, strengthening the popular science, strengthen early diagnosis, strengthen early treatment. We are awake, only early diagnosis and early treatment, early treatment can only be early.

Compassion is the ultimate core concern of the ribbon of happiness, which is shared by compassion, sadness and femininity, for all sentient beings, just as a beloved mother loves a son, and a loved one loves his lover. Respect for women, please protect the health and beauty of the cervix; love of women, please with your happiness ribbon dedication of your love and action.

Happy Ribbon - Declaration of Women's Health

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among 15-year-old to 44-year-old women in our country. In our country, there are about 130,000 new cases each year, of which about 80,000 are dying and the fatality rate is as high as 61.5%.

If prevention is a recipe in advance and health advocacy is a kind of feeling, then "Happy Ribbon" is undoubtedly a carrier that carries the declaration that we guard the health of women's cervix.

We hope that with the "Ribbon of Happiness - Declaration on Women's Health," we will form the necessary solidarity with all people of insight. Set the strength of all parties to jointly serve the prevention of cervical cancer in women:

(A) actively participate in the development of cervical cancer prevention and control strategies in our country, and promote other undertakings. To clarify the fact that support for cervical cancer prevention and control is equivalent to supporting the country's economic development and social welfare.

(B) enhance the awareness of women with cervical cancer prevention, carry out promotional activities to reduce the risk of cervical cancer and increase the sensitivity of women, at the same time for early signals of cervical cancer held popular propaganda and professional training to ensure that women choose a good mode of consumption and healthy life the way.

(C) to carry out activities to promote the popularization and widespread implementation of cervical vaccine injection.

(D) through a wide range of cervical cancer screening, early diagnosis and improve professional occupational sensitivity, making more early detection of cervical cancer patients.

(5) Unite with charities, business units and all non-government organizations to contribute to the health of women.

Our initiative, consistent is more difficult, temporary enthusiasm unsustainable, only perseverance, never give up, in order to achieve the goal of health advocacy; team members can only trust each other, mutual support, in order to complement each other, cooperate with each other, Realize the dream of health advocacy.

In response to the "Ribbon of Happiness - Declaration on Women's Health," we will achieve the development goal of "caring for women's health and paying attention to family harmony." Create a more peaceful, prosperous and healthy China.

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