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Dear friends:

The new year has come. I hereby extend my best wishes to all my friends for this New Year. And I sincerely thank all the friends for their trust and support for the Paxlain International Group for a long time.

Today, thanks to this era, Butiran thanks to a group of community leaders who have benefited from the courage to innovate and courageously create the Butiran team.

To bring a new way of life for women, is the mission of Bao Di Lan. In the past two decades, we have been adhering to innovation, honesty, sharing and responsibility to closely integrate products with the needs of the new era, new women and new health, and to safeguard China with the concept of "bringing health, beauty and happiness to every woman" Female spiritual home.

As a beneficiary of the times, he is grateful for every product that challenges and breaks through the real needs of the market and consumers. ; Every link, there are strict requirements, a clear system and process.

Thanks for the party, for the country, for the partner, for the customer, for the consumer, for this great time. We do not forget the original intention, Bao Di Lan Ding insatiable mission.


badila International President Chen Binghua

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